Internet of Things, an ongoing revolution

All around the world, people use internet, but they are not alone… devices use internet too.

They are 8.3 billion in 2017 and will be more than 20 billions in 2020.
Those IoT devices represent a market opportunity of almost $14 400 billions.

IoT potential is limitless and devices are bound to get smarter in a near future.

New technologies offer new opportunities for companies to know more about their customers, optimise costs and get competitive advantages. Information is now remotely available and enables for new monitoring ways to prevent failures, avoid breakdowns and optimize costs.

We are now used to wan everything here and now, and IoT is one key to make this possible while saving money and gaining time in a world that evolves faster everyday.

Our mission is to make people’s and companies life easier by making the devices smarter.

We truly believe that IoT is the next big step for the internet and that those smart devices can make our life easier.

Our goal is to be part of this revolution and help companies take advantage of the incredible potentials brought by those technologies.

We design tailor-made devices that fit best your needs, and even more.

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3 key aspects of a unique brand


Your project is not just another piece of development, it’s a relationship between you and us.
We need to be touch regularly to go forward and design innovation together.


Rigor, quality and the care for every little thing is our way of working as well as mixing our skills with experienced and renown partners.


We think your project beyond your needs.
We take up challenges and come up with new ways to achieve your goals

You are in good company