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Let’s design today
your IoT devices for tomorrow

Our work must be built over your very own experience and knowledge for your project.
We shall study your project together to shape the best solution possible.

We take care of all the development and technical sides of your IoT project: Hardware, communication (Bluetooth, WiFi, Sigfox, …), mobile apps, embedded software as well as cloud applications and security.

We can be there at any step of your project.


We plan for a workshop to help you choose the right technology matching your needs and costs.


We can build your project by using the latest and most adapted technologies.
We design and develop every aspect of your project: hardware and software.


The technical developments are all realized in house by AirNodes. Thanks to our team and skills, we can work with the best technologies for your project (BLE, WiFI, GSM, Sigfox, LoRa and so on).

Proof of concept

Challenge your ideas and sharpen your use cases with a PoC.
A PoC design is organized in sprints and has only one goal : have your project be built faster, and lower the risks. We have a packaged offer for PoC development because we believe that the PoC is a staple step of every IoT development.

Prototype & industrialization

Our expertise and implication within your project makes us a privileged partner to build prototypes and manage industrialisation of your project.


To get the best out your project, we design custom tools (dashboards, alerting systems) dedicated to your project and matching your specific needs.

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Our in-house information system Confluence helps you make your time to market faster.
It was designed for IoT and serves as a boilerplate for your projects, having both the flexibility of a working information system, with tailor made parts to suit your project.

IoT first!

Built for IoT devices and smart solutions.


Thought and customized for your needs, your use cases.


Communication with other platforms and your own existing tools.


Use of the same information system from prototyping to production.

Contact us and let’s make this happen!

We love to take up new challenges.